mercredi 24 décembre 2014

A video to wish you a verry MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Here is a video the French students made last week to show you a typical French Christmas! We hope you'll like it!
Enjoy and

lundi 10 novembre 2014

Let's introduce ourselves!

Hello I'm Timothée Vauchy and I'm 12 years old.

I enjoy computers.
I like cooking.
I love play the piano.

I like  fencin very muchg but  I can't bear rugby.


My name is Léa Alary. I'm 13 years old, I'm FRENCH. I have 2 cats ! I love my cats!!!!< 3 
I have 2 brothers and 1 sister.
I play games with my family !
I love nails art !
I love cooking, drawing, art and listening to music ! I like swimming, skiing and riding bike .
I like pizza, pastry, tomatoes, barbecue, cake, soja milk ( BIO food ), kinder and NUTELLA !
I dislike: dog, spider, snake, camembert.

I love Ariana Grande !!! I watch TV :I like FRIENDS !!!

HELLO !!!!!!!!!!!!!
My name is Océane. I'm 13 years old. I'm FRENCH !
I have two cats, Belle and Cannelle. I love my cats !
I play the piano. I play « My heart will go on ».
I love my friends !!!
I like drawing. I draw manga, animals, characters, …
I enjoy cinema, I love The Hobbit !
I like very much dancing with my friends.
I enjoy the summer, holidays, sun, swimming and ice cream.
I hate spinach, sweep, spiders and snakes.
I like eating potatoes and steak, gaspacho, cannelés, cookies, tomatoes, cake and candies !
I like very much being happy, I love SODA !!!  I love KEV ADAMS !!!


My name is Alisone. I am 13 years old. I am good at basketball, sport. I do shopping with my sister and my mother. I don't like brocolis and vegetables. I like chocolate and video games. I cook yogurt cake. I got a sister. I like eating muffins and cooking very much.


My name is Romain.  I am 13 years old. I like pizzas and ice cream but I don't like brocolis and vegetables. I am good at football and ride a bike. I do shopping with my mother. I don't like cooking but I very like eating. I am intelligent. I  am crazy about playing with my friends. I got 3 brothers.

My name is Enzo,I am 13 years old.
I come from france.I live next to bordeaux in Blaye.
I like sport:football,I do sometimes Bike,I am crazy about video games.
I love eating potatos,green bean,hamburger and I don't like spinach.

My favourite recipe is chocolate cake.


My name is Axel I am 13 years old I love football and I am crazy about cooking, I love vegetables (spinash and potatoes) I eat apple and pear.I love waffle and ham. I don't like green beans, maths and pudding but I like Video games.


My name is Thibault, I'm twelve years old .

I come from France . I live next to Bordeaux,in Blaye .
I love sports,animals and drawing. I also like cupcakes,chocolate and meat.I enjoy video games.

I hate cheese,mushrooms and rain.
I'm a little greedy.

HELLO, Everybody
My name is Abel, I am twelve years old.
I come from France, Paris.I live in Blaye, near Bordeaux.
I love playing football, I am crazy about dolphins and I like ice
I also like music.

I hate mushrooms and I can't bear spiders and mosquitoes.

Hello everybody,
my name is Audrey and I am 13 years old.
I like travel,summer,good food,animals,music,celebrate Christmas,birthday...
I like all food exept carots,cucumber and peper.
I love my phone,my computer,my TV and my tablet, I use them every day.
I dislike when I must get up early.
I am an only child so I often get bored but during the holidays I spend time with my friends or my family, I do shopping and other activities.I love holidays even if I am sometimes alone.

                                      Hello !!!!!!    

My name is Solenn I am 13 years old I live in Blaye. I like cooking, I love foi gras and  cake.I don't really like meat but I like the vegetables. I can cook many meals ,my favorite recipe is smashed patatoes and the tournedo of meat duck.
My hobby is archery bow, I have been doing archery for 2 months , I like it , it is not very difficult .
I love travelling ;I like music and watching TV and the computer .
I hate the fast and the rain .

Hello, my name is Clara, I am 13 years old
I am French, I live in Blaye. I do gymnastics, I love it
I like marbré , this is typical in France.
I love hollydays because  I don't work  every day.
I like school, my subject favorite is french.
I love go shopping in Bordeaux.
I love England ,USA and Sweden because these are beautiful countries.

I like spending time with my friends because I spend a good time.

Hey, my name is Andréa and I am 13 yers old
I live in Blaye next to Bordeaux, in France.
My sport favorite is gymnastic
I have been practising it for 5 years.
I love English, Spanish and French,
I hate Math!
 I enjoy spending time with my friends because we go shopping!
I like Hamburgers (American) and cannelés, this is typical in  Bordeaux.
I love California, Canada and London.


I like football, basketball, basque cake, barbecue ,
meat , chips , my friends , video games .
I am good at everything at schools . I love music ,
eating , sleeping . I  am happy , intelligent . I am slim ,
 small . I don't like classical dancing , cabbage ,
cafetaria of school , clown , do my homework ,tuna .

My name is Enzo. I like the sports and video game, I am good at table tennis ,football,basket...
I like eat french fries,pasta,patatoes and fish.
I don't like zucchini,cabbage,berries and canteen in the school.I am good at physics and spanish.
I like spend time with my friends and my best friends.

My name is Thomas! I am thirteen years old. I sometimes do scoutisme. I love eating pasta or beens with steak!  I enjoy  cooking everything .I can't bear eating oyster because it's bitter and viscous . I am  crazyyy about to play videos games ! I like creating figurines . I dislike  sweeping my bedroom . My favourite recipe is « baba au rhum » because  I like rhum ;)

My name is Lison ! I am thirteen years old  . I am crazy about horse riding . I like doing sport . I am fond of running . I run with my sister and my mother 2 days a week . I dislike eating brussels sprouts and beef tongue ! I eat sometimes peas because I love it ! I do surf and bodyboard . I play the piano quite well .  And my favourite recipe is   « les éclairs au chocolat ! » because I am crazy about chocolate !!! ;)

My name is Manon ,I am 13 years old . I love basketball , I enjoy dance , I enjoy animals ,I like candies , I like chips I enjoy fruits I hate coly flower I enjoy trying foreign meals , I hate mushroom . I am crazy about pastry ,I love Italy ,I love England 

hi I'm Kayleigh
I'm 14.
I like Black but i hate pink !
I listen to metal music and k-pop !
I don't like classic music.
I love choclate and panda.
I'm crazy about candy pop and skateboard
I dislike banana and chatterbox
I don't love to wake up the morning for school.
I love tring new recipes and foreign cooking.

My name is TOM!
I am 13 years old.
With food I am so difficult,I am crazy about pastry.
I like Gontrand because it's a big pastry chef.
I have him as an example for my future,
I like pie of strawberry.
I am good at sports and cooking, it's my passion.

Hello !
My name is Gaëlle. I am 13 years old.
I like eating !But I am very difficult. For a food, I am crazy about fois gras and I hate eggplants.I enjoy gymnastic,it is my passion.

I am sporty and I like having new friends.

mardi 28 octobre 2014

the Teacher :-)

My name is Mrs Toullelan and I am the English Teacher of this great group! I'm crazy about good music, going to concerts and great FOOD of course!
I have been teaching for 3 years in this school and I hope you will like us! By the way, here is my avatar!